Day 3, IBR 2013

July 3, 2013 Posted by Dayle Dermatis

I’m sure it’s as frustrating to those of you reading this as it is to me that I can’t say much about Ken’s ride. I can’t talk about where he is, where he’s been, or where he’s going…at least, not until the first leg is done, at which point I can talk about where he went, at least! So today Ken made a point of telling me a little funny story so I have something to share with ya’ll.

Initially, he turned off all Avoidances on his GPS. In other words, he told it not to factor in things like left turns, etc., which can sometimes cause a more circuitous and lengthy route. But in doing so, one of the Avoidances he turned off was “no dirt roads.” He’s had problems with dirt roads (and mountain tracks only goat should be on) in the past… In this case, the GPS twice sent him down a shortcut that turned out to be a dirt country road.

Thankfully, neither ended up being so mule-track-like that they caused any problems. But just in case, he turned on “avoid dirt roads.”

Just in time to arrive in a city, where there wouldn’t be dirt roads anyway.

Except…he promptly hit road construction. Construction so major they’d removed all pavement…in essence, to a dirt road. For five miles.

Since it wasn’t a shortcut, he had to take it anyway, and it didn’t affect his overall plans. But he laughed at the irony of it.

The first checkpoint is back in Pittsburgh tomorrow, so I’m sure I’ll have something interesting to say then!

Also, the Day 3 official report has been posted to the IBR site. Enjoy.

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  1. Hope Martin says:

    Go Ken go! Really enjoying reading about his ride. Thanks for doing this!