Leg 2 complete!

July 7, 2013 Posted by Dayle Dermatis

Once again, not a lot of news just yet, but I’m thrilled that Ken made it to the Leg 2 checkpoint just fine this evening. He texted me when he was prepping to be scored; I haven’t heard anything since, which I interpret to mean he got scored, got something to eat, and went to sleep so that he’ll be alert for the Leg 3 bonus pack.

Leg 2 apparently had three possible routes (discussed in the official IBR reports, so I think I can paraphrase here):

  • getting a bunch of bonuses along the Pony Express Trail (each one had points, and then if you got all of them, you got even more points)
  • going up Pike’s Peak and getting a picture of the train
  • going pretty much straight to Sacramento, which would give enough points to finish, but not to win

Ken chose the Pike’s Peak option, although he picked up some of the Pony Express bonuses along the way. I have to admit I don’t really have any stories from this leg, because it mostly consisted of riding across the country in a very focused line. I can say he didn’t visit any family members, though.  😉

I just wish I knew when they’re going to post the Leg 2 scores! I will of course update here when they do.


2 Responses to Leg 2 complete!

  1. Ernie says:

    Hi Dayle,

    After scoring Ken and I worked on his bike to get it ready for leg 3. He is quiet about scoring but very positive. The competition is fierce and leaking any information could create quiet a stir in this event, therefore I understand how everyone is keeping tight lipped.

    Scores will be posted on the IBR website after the riders get their packets at 06:00 snd riders can leave to return to Cranberry Township, PA. Like you, we’re itchin’ to glean any information we can get, but will have to settle for the morning briefings.

    Best wishes,

    Ernie and Pauline

  2. Craig says:

    http://www.ironbuttrally.com/IBR/2013.cfm has leg two standing posted in “Day 8”

    An outstanding pool of competitors this year.