July 12, 2013 Posted by Dayle Dermatis

Well, Ken is out of the rally. He’s in the hospital but the worst of his injuries seems to be a broken collarbone – much less worse than last time! I’ve spoken with him several times and he’s coherent and lucid, albeit really annoyed, and the doctors have done lots and lots of tests to make sure there’s nothing more than the collarbone and some cracked ribs to heal from.

He was conscious for the crash and says the back end went squirrelly. He had enough time to thinkg “Oh, crap” and try to adjust before it slid out.

I’ve had only about five hours’ sleep—two before this happened and maybe three since, but those three have been punctuated by multiple phone calls—so I’m going to try and grab some more before I answer everyone’s emails, etc.

Thank you all for your amazing support.

xo Dayle

11 Responses to Sigh

  1. Oh no!
    I’m happy he is well and got medical attention quickly. Here’s hoping he heals quickly and all is back to normal soon.

  2. Oh no! Sending both of you lots of love and hugs and healing strength. This is just NO fair.

  3. David Shealey says:

    I am so sorry this happened again, but also really glad the injuries were much less than last time. My heart sank when I heard about it. Was hoping for a podium finish this time, or even a top ten finish.

  4. Craig says:

    We can’t tell you how relieved we are that Ken’s injuries weren’t more serious. We admire Ken all the more and hope for a speedy recovery.

  5. Mike says:

    Sorry to hear about Ken’s crash and hope he heals up quickly. I was hoping he would bring that BMW in for a podium finish after a great job on legs 1 and 2. I’m sure he’ll be right back at training and getting ready for 2015. Sure hope so.

  6. Jeff Morse says:


    We met a few months ago when Ken helped put some lights on my bike at your place. If there is anything at all you need, please get my number from Ken. I will help any way I can.

    My best to you two.

  7. Hope says:

    Glad to hear it is nothing more serious. though I know a broken collar bone is nothing to sneeze at (or with!) Hope you can catch some sleep!

  8. Brent Dane says:

    So sorry to hear about Ken going down. Please give him my very best for a rapid recovery; he’s still my long distance hero!!

  9. Kevin McManus says:

    Sahel, I’m in Richmond right now until Monday. Is there anything I can do for Ken while I’m out here?

    I was one of the blokes that Ken helped with installing wiring on our bikes back a few months at your house & I would love the opportunity to extend a helping hand now. Best way to reach me is at (949) 290-7154

  10. Helen Pantuso says:

    Oh no! Not again! Poor Ken! Give him my love and I hope he heals soon!