Leg 1 is done!

June 28, 2017 Posted by Ken Meese

Ken is safely at the checkpoint hotel in Dallas, as are hopefully everyone else who’s running the rally. The most recent updates at the IBR site talk about who was further away and might have trouble making it back by the deadline, etc., but it sounds like everyone’s doing well overall. I find the Leg 1 animation video frighteningly compelling.

If you had trouble accessing the site today, it’s because all the interested followers crashed it! The link above is currently works. Please note also that if you’re following the group SPOT tracker, don’t refresh (let it refresh), as constant refreshing is causing hangups. (One of the reports at the site explains this further.)

I don’t know how long scoring will take, and I’m trying not to chew all my nails off in anticipation. It’s only Leg 1, and a lot can change between now and the end, but I still wanted to know how Ken did overall!

I haven’t talked to Ken since he arrived at the checkpoint, but I know he’ll be busy before they get the next set of bonus points (at 4 am tomorrow, I believe). He had a minor bike issue that I believe has been fixed. He was going to be met at the checkpoint by his older brother, Dennis, to whom he shipped tires and other necessary items. By the time I write this, Ken should have gotten scored, changed his tires, eaten salad and meat*, and be sleeping.

xo Dayle

*(Real meat, not the McDonald’s cheeseburgers that are the staple of his ride because McDonald’s are everywhere, they’re often open 24 hours, the burgers don’t go bad in the saddlebag, and the cheese glues everything together so he can shove the burger in his mouth while the bike is in motion. Along with the fact that my butt is not made of iron, I don’t do long rallies with Ken because I don’t consider this to be real food…)

2 Responses to Leg 1 is done!

  1. Warren says:

    Thanks Dayle,

    Another great write up, only wish we knew what place Ken is in.

    • Ken Meese says:

      I wish I’d known at the time of writing, too! They didn’t announce them to the riders until 4 am…