Leg 2 is over!

July 1, 2017 Posted by Ken Meese

Ken made it safely to the second checkpoint (again in Dallas) this afternoon, after braving high heat, humidity, a rainstorm that he said felt like hail, and a group photo in a giant blue whale. (See the latest IBR update for visual proof!)

The amazing David Stoler stripped parts off his bike and shipped them to Ken’s brother Dennis to bring to Ken. This evening’s plan involved checking over his paperwork and getting scored (scoring opened at 5 pm local time), fixing the front brake control, changing tires, and sleep. They’ll get new bonus information in the morning. Again, the same locations as before, but with new points and new combinations of animal types to string together for greater points.

I’m awarding negative points to Ernie Azevedo, who scared me to death yesterday by texting me with “Again! Darn it!”, which of course I took to mean Ken being out of the rally (although I assumed “darn it” meant that didn’t involve injury). In reality, Ernie has been camping out of cell range, and when he would get somewhere with cell service, Ken was often on a sleep break so Ernie couldn’t talk to him—hence the text. Eventually my heart stopped beating out of my chest… (I’ve forgiven Ernie, though.)

I assume the standings after Leg 2 will be posted sometime tomorrow. Keep an eye on the IBR site or here!

xo Dayle

4 Responses to Leg 2 is over!

  1. Warren says:

    Thanks Dayle for the update and great to hear that Ken is doing well. Hope he was able to move up the ladder, we will see in the morning.


  2. Warren says:

    I knew he would move up 5th heading to 1st. Great job Ken.


  3. Helen says:

    Loved the blue whale photo! Been following and if Ken needs anything in Tampa just let me know!