Leg 2 results

July 2, 2017 Posted by Ken Meese

Ken started Leg 2 on a sleep deficit, and after collecting two bonuses in three hours, had to stop and sleep again. Because of how he was feeling, he chose to “stay close to home,” picking up bonuses in Texas and Oklahoma rather than pushing farther afield to pick up the really big points. He said, in pretty much every phone call, that it was a “solid, middle of the pack ride,” and he was fine with that.

Yeah, his “middle of the pack ride” bumped him up to 5th place.

I keep laughing and explaining to him that he is the only person who is surprised by this…

He’s in good spirits today, and sounds like he has a solid plan for Leg 3, the final and longest leg of the rally. (The rally ends Friday morning in Minneapolis.)

This time around, the goal is a full house: three of one bonus type and two of another, in any order. In some ways, a little easier; in some ways, a little more challenging. In all ways, fun!

I’ll report more as I can! Thank you all for your comments; I know he’s looking forward to reading them when he gets home.

xo Dayle

5 Responses to Leg 2 results

  1. Donna says:

    Way to go, Ken! Curious where the racers sleep during a leg, if they need to. Under a tree at a rest area or do they grab a motel room for a couple of hours?

    • Ken Meese says:

      I can answer that, Donna—you’re right on both counts. They’ll take short naps at rest areas, behind closed businesses, and in the case of Ken once, in a gravel pit. (He said it was nice to not be horizontal, but at an angle.) For longer sleeps, they’ll grab a motel. On long rallies like this one, there are rest bonuses: I believe for this one, there are set times during which a rider can gain points for every minute they’re not moving, up to six hours. (Ken can confirm or add to that later!)

  2. Reid says:

    Thanks for the updates here, Dayla. His move to 5th place was a very pleasant surprise… obviously the word “can’t” is not in his vocabulary. Jan and I really enjoyed his stay here and we’re both looking forward to meeting you Friday. Rock on, Ken!

  3. Mom says:

    Soooo proud to hear he has moved up to 5th place. And happy he is paying attention to “his feelings”.
    I’m sorry I missed his call on Saturday.Couldn’t find my phone till Sunday and it was in airplane mode so missed several calls. Be safe Ken.
    Thanks Dayle for all the updates. Love you guys.