A podium finish

July 7, 2017 Posted by Ken Meese

(Warning: more than one glass of Chardonnay has been consumed.)

First, the information you’ve all been waiting on pins and needles for. Drum roll… Ken had a podium finish: third place!

Photo by Janice Hanson Holmberg

Congratulations to Jim Owen, the first rider to win the IBR twice; to Bob Lilley, the second place finisher; and to every single person who finished the rally. More people have gone into space than have successfully completed an IBR. Kudos!

Now…about this morning. I got off the phone with Ken at about 1 am. I expected him around 6 am, so I set my alarm for 5:30 am and eventually slept. Unbeknownst to me, just after he hung up with me and got back on the phone with Ernie, Ken had an encounter with a young deer.

Per Ken’s description, he was already riding cautiously on a two-lane road through the darkness of what he suspected to be deer territory in Wisconsin. Up ahead, he saw a deer in his lane, and slowed appropriately, knowing that when there’s one deer, there will be more. A second deer leapt in front of him and he hit it dead on, but the bike barely wobbled. The deer spun and slammed into the right side of the bike, stripping off paint as it went, but Ken was able to stay upright. The deer, sadly, was not so lucky.

His headlight cover is gone, other bits are gone, and there are dents along the right side of the bike. It’s obviously rideable and will get him home, although he’s considering the best options for covering the headlight area.

Busted headlight cover, stripped paint, and a bit of deer fur.

When he pulled in a little while after 6 am, I thought, That can’t be Ken—that bike’s gone down, and in fact nearly the first words out of my mouth were “You promised the bike wouldn’t fall over!” So I kinda wish I’d been prepped for that!

But hey, third place. Whoo!

Thank you to everyone who’s been following along on this wild ride. Ken will hopefully update this with stories of his own soon!

xo Dayle

8 Responses to A podium finish

  1. Chris York says:

    Congratulations Ken!!!

  2. Warren says:

    Wow, what can I say awesome ride. Ken you finally got the monkey off your back, but what the hell is with you on the final day you just had to make it extra exciting. Hope you are OK and congratulation on your 3rd place finish. See you in 2 years.


  3. Ernie says:

    That bike is as bullet proof as Ken. Nothing that can’t be put back together fairly easily. So happy that you were there to greet him at the finish!

  4. Ernie says:

    Awesome accomplishment seems week, compared to what you did, well done. Enjoy the accolades for an amazing performance. 10s of 1,000s were watching. Now get some rest…..

  5. Dan Rosenthal says:

    Comments above… Wrong person. Must be the blog. No way to correct it.

  6. Bud says:

    Ken, great ride, how you do it, well I just don’t know from one side of the country to the other. into Canada and even to Newfoundland, wow
    Great finish. get a shower and some rest my friend you deserve it. hope to see you in 2019 can’t wait.

  7. Reid says:

    Fantastic achievement…ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!

  8. Kim says:

    Congratulations. We are so proud of you!