Leg 2 standings!

July 9, 2013 Posted by Dayle Dermatis

Some riders shifted up a few places, some riders shifted down, but Ken stayed solidly in 6th place. Wooh!

The last couple of updates at the official site have been interesting. Two riders did both the Pony Express route and Pike’s Peak, which was a hell of a feat. My heart goes out to Eric Jewell, who was in first place as of the end of Leg 2 but then injured his ankle. It was his 8th Iron Butt Rally and if I weren’t rooting for Ken…. Actually, there are a lot of great riders and really neat people who are competing, and I’m rooting for all of them to do well, be safe, have fun, and come in second.  😉

We’re in the final stretch! End point is back in Pittsburgh on Friday morning. We’ll know the results Friday night during the banquet…. And I’ve got at least one good Leg 3 story to share once it’s over.

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  1. Ernie says:

    Will you “leg 3” story be in a book some day? And will it be “R” rated?